how do unisexual plants reproduce?

Unisexual plants are the ones in which male and female flowers are formed on separate plants. These plants require cross pollination for reproduction. So, for reproduction to occur, pollen grains from a male flower should be transferred to the stigma of the female flower. 

Once the pollen are transferred to the female flower, the ovule present in the ovary of the flower gets fertilized resulting in the formation of embryo (inside seeds) and fruit development takes place. The seeds present in the fruit can give rise to offsprings when suitable conditions are provided.  

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Unisexual plants reproduce by sexual reproduction.In this two parents,one male and one female is requiered.The offspring have a mix of inherited  genes.In plants,sexual reproduction occurs by the formation of seeds.

Each parent produces one reproductive cell or gamete.The male parent produces the male cell(sperm) and the female parent produces the egg cell(ovum).When the male cell and the egg cell fuse together,they form a third cell know as zygote.This process of fusion of the male cell and the egg cell is called fertilization.The zygote is the first cell of the organism.

The pollen grains must be further be transfered from the stamens to the stigma of the pistil [reproductive parts in the flower] by the process of pollination.There are many agents of pollination like wind,water,insect pollination,other living organisms.etc.

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unisexual plants can repreduce by :-budding ;regeneration and spore formation

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