how do we conserve plants and animals?

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especially by not cuttingforest

it's very important for plants and animals to survive there.

we can keep them in national parks , wildlife sanctuaries etc

we can ban the trade of animals

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      Do not contribute to environmental pollution. If the environment is contaminated, plants and animals will not be able to survive. Soil contamination will prevent the plants from growing properly. Also, materials that do not decompose easily, such as plastic bags, can cause fatal damage to the digestive system of animals. Therefore, do not litter---always dispose of waste in the proper waste receptacles.

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      Do not interfere with the natural habitats of the ecosystem. Both large and small elements of a natural habitat are easily harmed; the destruction of a bird's nest or the removal of trees represent such an occurrence. Plants and animals have a codependent relationship. The animals use the plant material to make their structures; therefore, cutting down a tree results the loss of not only a tree but also the natural habitat of the animals that lived in or on that tree.

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    Do not kill plants or animals needlessly. Often, plant and animal conservation is inhibited because people kill them for no reason. For example, pesticides have an intended use, but their effects will often spread to plants and animals that are not the intended targets. Consider using natural methods of moderating pests, such as placing insects in the garden that are known to eat the desired pest.

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    Do not introduce unfamiliar species of plants or animals to a given area. Plants and animals adapt to the ecology of an area, evolving to protect themselves from enemies that also inhabit the region. If you introduce a species that is alien to the habitat, it will either perish or threaten the region's native plants and animals.

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    Purchase products that are not made from animals, particularly those from which only one part of the animal's body was used and the rest was discarded (such as elephant and mink). The ivory from elephant tusks is present in such objects as piano keys, and fur coats are in high demand; fake fur coats and piano keys that are not manufactured with ivory serve the same purposes.

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    Spread your ideas to others, explaining the importance of conservation and how they can help. Posters and pamphlets are effective strategies for this task. On the posters, write general concepts about why people should conserve plants and animals, and list simple measures that can be taken to ameliorate the present conditions. Within the pamphlets, define conservation, list reasons why plants and animals need to be conserved, and explain how people can contribute to the conservation effort. You can display the posters and distribute the pamphlets at common locations, such as grocery stores and shopping centers---be sure to ask permission before doing so.

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by giving a permanent law by the government to not cut down the forests

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