How do we know that Mourad had a special compassion for animals?

Mourad was really good with animals. He always had a way with  them. He used to carefully learn about their behaviour and thus, was able to bring about an understanding with them which was clear and honest. This is why the horse remained calm when with him however, it was quite contrary to that when with the author who was unable to manage the horse. In a short span of time he was easily capable of establishing a genuine attachment to the animal. He used take the wish of the animal into account and not simply force them to do whatever he desired. This is apparent when he tells the narrator that the horse will let him ride only if it wants to. Also, he let the horse run as long as it desired to run and didn't coax him to run more. Even at the end of the story, when they put the horse back in the barn, he lovingly pats the horse and hugs it. Moreover, it is revealed that the horse had now become much healthy, lively and stronger. Thus, Mourad in no way had harmed the horse or over-worked him. He had caringly tended to it. He always used to make animals feel comfortable around him which is why neither the dogs barked nor the bird struggled against Mourad. He talked to the bird to assure her in some way and carefully tried to help the robin with its broken wing. This shows that he had great compassion for the animals and always tried to help them.

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we can say that by the way he behaves with animal hecomes across.....he has a simple and a honest way with any animal...he loved animals...example the way the dogs behaved with him because they myt be knowing that mourad is a good guy and the way he pats the horse while leaving him and the way he tries to help the injured sparrow...shows his compassion for animals!!!

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with the way he can handle through with animals and also the way he is confident that he has his way with each animal we are confirmatory that he has his right way with the animals and there are many incidents in the story which make us realise that mourad is better animal handler and he has a compassion for the animals

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