How does a frog, spider, paramecium, mosquito, amoeba and hydra take and digest their food?

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In amoeba, finger-like projections known as pseudopodia are present. It surround its prey through these pseudopodia and engulfs it. The food thus eaten gets trapped in the food vacuole. Digestive juices are secreted inside the food vacuole in an Amoeba. These juices act on the food and break it down into smaller components. 
Mode of feeding in Hydra is phagocytosis. Hydra captures the prey with the help of specialized cell called a cnidocyst,‚Äč produce the nematocysts and tentacles. These contacts and brings the food towards the mouth. Sometimes a toxin is released along with the nematocyst in order to overcome the prey.

In Paramecium, food is ingested through a definite cell mouth. The cilia present all over the body move continuously to push the food particles along the water current. The food entering inside collects to form a food vacuole. Digestion of food occurs inside this food vacuole. The undigested food is removed through a definite anal spot.

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