How does a snail move?

Snails move with the help of their muscular foot. They produce a wave like motion along their foot, contracting and stretching their muscle which pushes the body of the snail against the surface moving in the forward direction. Also, there is a gland present in front of their foot which secretes fluid named mucus helping them to slide smoothly over the surface.

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 Snail bears a ventral, elongated and muscular foot..The muscular foot helps in locomotion. A muscular foot also comes out from the opening in the shell for movement . Foot of the snail is attached with it's belly.The foot produces wavy motions which are very slow.Hence; a snail moves very slowly.

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dear skhan:

The body of a snail consists of an outer skeleton, which is a shell. This shell does not help in its movement from one place to another. The snail has another structure called the foot,which helps in its movement. This structure is made up of strong muscles, which move in a wavy motion.


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yes the answer of shahla is perfectly right the ans is it move by a musclar organ called FOOT

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