how does amoeba obtain its food?

Amoeba consumes food with the help of pseudopodia. Pseudopodia are temporary finger-like projections of the cell surface, which fuse over the food particle. This results in the formation of a food vacuole.

It is inside this food vacuole that complex substances are broken down into simpler ones. These are then diffused into the cell cytoplasm. The remaining undigested material is thrown out of the cell surface.

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Cell membrane of amoeba is flexible. With its help, amoeba engulfs food particles. The engulfed food particles passes into the bodyof amoeba as phagosome. Phogosomes combines with lysosomes to produce digestive or food vacuole. Digestion occurs in food vacuole. The digested food passes into surrounding cytoplasm. The undigested matter is thrown out of the body. All this happen by the process of endocytosis.

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Amoeba uses its pseudopodia (false feet) to capture food, i.e something smaller than it... The food becomes a food vacuo;e and adn is digested and later egested through

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 amoeba gets its food by the process of endocytosis with the help of pseudopodia

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 Basically Amoeba gets food by endocytosis.

In case of the solid particles you call it phagocytosis and in case of liquid intake you call pinocytosis.
In case of the solid food, there may be foldings of the plasma membrane of various types:Formation of food cups, circumvellation, circuumfluence etc. It depends whether food particles are active or passive, small or large.Hope it helps :)
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