How does an earthquake occur in nature? list some destructive and some constructive  consequences of the earthquake.

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An earthquake is a vibration or tremor produced in the Earth’s crust. It is caused by the disturbances originating deep inside the Earth’s crust.

What causes an earthquake?
We know that tremors are produced by the disturbances taking place deep down in the uppermost layer of the Earth known as the crust.
This exterior portion of the Earth is not continuous, and is broken into many pieces known as plates. These plates move constantly. They can slide past one another, or move into each other because of the collisions taking place between them.
When this happens, disturbances are produced in the earth’s crust, which lead to an earthquake on the surface of the Earth. However, this is not the only reason which can give rise to an earthquake.
Earthquakes can also be caused by the following:
  • Volcanic eruption
  • Meteors falling on the Earth’s surface
  • Underground explosions. For example, underground nuclear tests.

  • Collapsing structures such as mines etc.

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