how does food exit from stomach and enter in intestine?pls explain

At the end of the stomach there are sphinter muscles which relax and contract due to which the foods when reaches near the muscles they relaxes ad allow the food to go to the intestine

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The exit of food from the stomach is regulated by a sphincter musclewhich releases it in small amounts into the small intestine. From thestomach, the food now enters the small intestine. This is the longest partof the alimentary canal which is fitted into a compact space because ofextensive coiling. The length of the small intestine differs in variousanimals depending on the food they eat. Herbivores eating grass need alonger small intestine to allow the cellulose to be digested. Meat is easierto digest, hence carnivores like tigers have a shorter small intestine.The small intestine is the site of the complete digestion ofcarbohydrates, proteins and fats. It receives the secretions of the liverand pancreas for this purpose. The food coming from the stomach isacidic and has to be made alkaline for the pancreatic enzymes to act.Bile juice from the liver accomplishes this in addition to acting on fats.Fats are present in the intestine in the form of large globules which makesit difficult for enzymes to act on them. Bile salts break them down intosmaller globules increasing the efficiency of enzyme action. This is similarto the emulsifying action of soaps on dirt that we have learnt about inChapter 4. The pancreas secretes pancreatic juice which containsenzymes like trypsin for digesting proteins and lipase for breaking downemulsified fats. The walls of the small intestine contain glands whichsecrete intestinal juice. The enzymes present in it finally convert theproteins to amino acids, complex carbohydrates into glucose and fatsinto fatty acids and glycerol.The digested food is taken up by the walls of the intestine. The innerlining of the small intestine has numerous finger-like projections calledvilli which increase the surface area for absorption. The villi are richlysupplied with blood vessels which take the absorbed food to each andevery cell of the body, where it is utilised for obtaining energy, buildingup new tissues and the repair of old tissues.The unabsorbed food is sent into the large intestine where more villiabsorb water from this material. The rest of the material is removed fromthe body via the anus. The exit of this waste material is regulated by theanal sphincter
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