How does the author succeed in raising crucial social issues not through open criticism but through subtle suggestion?

Roy hit the nail right on the head in describing the male chauvinistic society we live in, though suggestively. How pride is all that matters to a male and for a female, no matter how cruel her husband is and even if the love is worn out of their relationship, her want for him never ceases. This the society we live in where a male beats her wife no matter how qualified he is. It does not matter if he is a top notch government official who comes from a so called modern background, he can not tolerate his wife's success. A man always wants his wife to be a subordinate to him. It is in our minds that a woman can not rise higher to her husband. It is also highlighted in the story that how we run after momentary pleasures. Recognition is important for a human undoubtedly; however, the way Pappachi ruined all his life and relations because of what he did not get, rather than accepting that may be it was not fated after all. We humans, especially men, crave for fame and recognition. In what of what we can not have, we lose what we have.

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