How does the banyan tree stand out as different from other trees? What details of the tree does the poet highlight in the poem?

In Bhagvad Geeta, Krishna said, “Of all the trees I am Banyan Tree”. Banyan is considered to be the most pious tree in Hindu mythology. It is believed that Buddha renounced under the banyan tree in Bodh Gaya. There are many more such stories that this tree encompasses in its age old aerial roots that fall to the ground mysteriously. The poet is impressed by its huge figure as he says, “the great tree revealed its rings of two hundred years”. The physical description of the banyan carves an image of an enigma. The tree's aerial roots dangling from above to reach out to the ground. They are the proof of all the years and decades the tree has lived. It is a tough tree and it takes more that usual effort to bring it down. And when it happens, all watched it fall in terror and fascination, the slaughter of the age old banyan tree. It fees as if a raw mythology was revealed it age to the poet and his folk.

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