How does the connection drawn between the tail and the eyes add to the descriptive detail of the poem?

Sujata details the plumage of the peacock with finesse. The whole poem is a celebration of the beauty of the peacock. The vivid impressions on the feathers, the eyes of the peacock, are best seen when it fans its tail. The pattern actually resembles an eye, which she is appreciates immensely. The poet when tries to get a glimpse of the peacock, alert, it gathers its tail and eludes. Then the poet praises these eye impressions and calls that these violet fringed with golden amber, dark glowing eyes are always open, of course as they can not have eyelids. The poet calls them the 'eyes of the peacock'. She describes them violet fringed with golden amber. The shaking of the feathers is compared to the blinking of eyes as the eyes on the feathers will not blink any other way but by the shaking of the feathers.

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