How does the democracy promote the dignity and freedom of an individual ?

Democracy enhances the dignity of citizens of a country in the following ways:

  • Recognition of the principle of equality becomes easier for women to wage a struggle against what is now unacceptable legally and morally.
  • Democracy in India has strengthened the claims of the disadvantaged and discriminated castes for equal status and equal opportunity. There are instances still of caste-based inequalities and atrocities, but these lack the moral and legal foundations. Perhaps it is the recognition that makes ordinary citizens value their democratic rights.
  • A public expression of dissatisfaction with democracy shows the success of the democratic project: it transforms people from the status of a subject into that of a citizen. Most individuals today believe that their vote makes a difference to the way the government is run and to their own self-interest.

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by providing certain rights such as fundamental rights to each and every individual.

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