How far is a democratic government effective and efficient?

The following are some of the points which will justify the efficiency and effectivness of a  democratic govt.:

1.A democratic govt. is mainly a govt. of the people.It is the people who run a democracy by electing their own govt.There is no autocracy or dictatorial rule.
2.A democratic govt. works for the betterment and welfare of the people.
3.A democratic govt. promotes equality of status and opportunity.There is no discrimination on the basis of caste, class, religion etc.
4.A democratic govt. gives freedom of thought, expression and belief.
5.In a democratic govt. the rights of the peopole are protected. The can even fight if their rights are encroached.

In no other forms of govt, the above mentioned qualities are available.So, under such circumstances, a democratic govt. can be stated as effective and effcient. But this govt is not free from defects.Modern democracy is, in fact, capitalistic. It is rule of the capitalists.It establishes dictatorship of majority. The only aim of the candidates becomes to win election. They often employ under-hand practices, foul means to get elected.

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