how fermentation process is hazardous? plzzzzzzzzzz explain?

Fermentation is hazardous as different risks are associated with fermentation which includes:-

1. Microbial Hazards

In the fermentation industry millions of microbes are grown in a reactor. There are chances of leakage of reactors releasing pathogenic microorganism. Also microbes can escape from the exhaust which withdraws air from the reactor.

2. Chemical Hazards 

Many harmful gases like ammonia, carbon dioxide are used in the fermenters. Many harmful chemicals like alcohol, surfactants and disinfectants are used which are toxic and easily catch fire on leakage.

3. Physical Hazards

High heat and pressure are used in the fermenters. So in case of an accident it can lead to physical injuries and fire.

4. Electric Hazards

High current and voltages are used in the operation of fermentation. So in case of a short circuit it can lead to electric shock and electrical injuries. 

5. Fermentation Process can be hazardous as alcohol or acid is produced. 

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