how has chemistry helped in the world of minerals and metals?

Chemistry plays an important role in world of mineral and metals.
The metals occurs in earth crust is in form of minerals which has no valuable role to play. But when we extract the metal from a mineral it is used in various processes. The process of extracting a metal from its ore and refining it is called metallurgy. Here chemistry plays a very important role in all the metallurgical process.
For example Cu is used to making wire for transfer of current but we cannot use the mineral of copper to make wire. We use different chemical processes to extract copper from its ore. To do all these we also learn the chemical properties of copper in detail which helps in carry out the specific chemical reaction with the ore to extract the pure Cu metals. 
See the various chemical reaction for the extraction of copper:

2Cu2S + O2 Cu2O + 2SO2
​​2Cu2O + Cu26Cu + SO2

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