How has the use of CNG in motor vehicles reduced pollution in big cities?Explain

Calorific value of Cowdung is 7000kg. How much cowdung cakes are required to produce heat energy of 35000 J? Explain with steps.

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CNG is compressed natural gas and is a clean fuel as compared to diesel and petrol. CNG has lower regulated pollutant and toxics emissions, produces less greenhouse gas emission. Petrol and diesel engines gives off oxides of nitrogen and sulphur which combine water to form acid rain.  High ignition temperature and resistance to self ignition give CNG excellent anti-knock properties. Octane of CNG is 130, which is considerably higher than 93 octane for petrol.Thus, the use of CNG in motor vehicles has reduced pollution in big cities.

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the use of CNG in automobiles has reduced pollution because it produce harmful products in very small amount.

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calorific value of cowdung cake = 7000

heat energy = 35000 j

thus no. of cakes = 35000/7000 = 5 cakes

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