how i study that i cover my hole syllabus

Dear Student,        

a) Make a Time Table and put in maximum hours for the subject you feel less confident of. But make sure you don't neglect the subjects you are confident in.

b) Fill up the spaces with the things you need to do, other than studies e.g. playing
cricket, watching television etc.

c) Make time for breaks. Continuous sitting for long hours can make studying tedious. So take a break in 15 minutes or so.

d) Make the timetable neat and clear. Cramming can make it a little confusing and
difficult to follow.

e) Don't stress yourself by following the timetable to the seconds. The timetable is for
your convenience and not to stress you out.
f) Lastly, follow the timetable wholeheartedly.

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dear divya please read all chapters and clear concept or in novel only read deeply only charectersketch all 
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I suggest you make a timeline kind of a thing and follow it strictly. First take the topics you find difficult as easy topics won't take much of your time. Practice Maths regularly(if you have). And solve lots and lots of accounts questions so that you can gain marks easily. For business studies stick to NCERT and do remember all the heads by heart. English is the easiest just don't forget to practice grammar. Economics requires being thorough with all the laws and its assumptions and also solve HOTS questions so that you get to know how practically you can apply economics. In the end keep calm and do not stress.
Best of luck for your exams.

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