How is Air Pollution Harmful to NON-LIVING Things???

Due to Air Pollution, gases such as sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen are released into the atmosphere. These oxides of sulphur and nitrogen dissolve in rain water to produce sulphuric and nitric acid respectively. Rains containing these acids become highly acidic in nature and are known as ACID RAIN. Acid rains can cause large-scale damage to and buildings and monuments (non living things).The other effect is that it  corrodes the rocks. It may dissolve certain rocks which contains carbonates such as limestone e.t.c.

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I can give you one example,

Marble is a non-living thing. Taj mahal is made up of marble. The white marble of taj-mahal is making it turn yellow, which is a threat to one of the 7 wonders of the world and India's best monument.

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Air pollution presents big environmental threat in many parts of the world. Air pollution includes variety of different harmful chemicals and gases released from our vehicles and our industrial facilities that make our air dirty.Negative environmental effect on climate change is not everything air pollution is capable to do, it also has negative impact on ozone layer, especially some damaging chemicals that shrink our ozone layer, making it thinner, therefore opening the door for harmful ultraviolet rays, and increased risk of developing skin cancer.

Acid rains are yet another negative example that air pollution has on our environment. Acid rains destroy habitats of many animals, pollute water by affecting their acidity, and in general do great damage to many ecosystems.


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