how is industrial location planning significant?


Industrial planning is very important considering the environmental aspects and its effect on people. We know that industrial pollution is very harmful, both to the environment as well as to the living beings. Therefore, various factories and industries should be located in such a place that the pollution caused by them doesn't affect the environment and people much. For example, if an industry is located within the city, it would lead to large scale pollution. The poisonous gases released by the industries will, obviously lead to many health hazards among people. Also, the effluents released by the industries in various water bodies is the prime source of water pollution, thus making water unfit for consumption.

Therefore it is very important that the industries are located on the outskirts of the city rather than within the city, in order to minimize the harmful effect due to poisonous gases. Also, they should have a proper drainage and waste disposal system, so that the poisonous effluents coming out of these industries is simply not dumped in them. 

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As They Affect Our Environement

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