how is the gender determined in reptiles and snail ?

Snails are hermaphrodites. When two snails meet they both become pregnant.
In some reptiles, sex is determined by two types of sex chromosomes, Z and W. Males are ZZ chromosomes while the females are ZW. Thus male sperms are of one type (A+Z) while the female produces two types of eggs (A+Z) and (A+W). Here, A represents autosomes. Male is formed when fertilization happens between (A+Z) and (A+Z) while female is formed fertilization occurs between (A+Z) and (A+W). 
 ‚ÄčIn many reptiles gender is not fixed by genetics. The gender in crocodiles, alligators, turtles and some other reptiles is determined by temperature during incubation of eggs. In crocodiles, an all-male brood typically results when the eggs are incubated in the range of 32 to 33 degrees Celsius. When the incubation temperature moves outside this range either above or below, the result is female crocodiles.

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