How is the idyllic juxtaposed with the pedestrian in the poem?

Nissim is known for bringing out the extraordinary in the ordinary. His poems are based on the ordinary settings and ordinary issues. The fashion with which he presents the common issues are appreciated by many critics. In fact he was the first Indian poet to have abandoned romance and write on ordinary issues in poetry composed in English. In his poems like The Night of the Scorpion, he portrays the emotions of the ordinary human being. An ordinary p0edestrian scene of a village out of which he created a hyperbole presenting it in a very idyllic fashion. Even in the poem For Elkana, Ezekiel has exploited a very ordinary home situation in which the parents are discussing their household issues. It is just that through various figures of speech such as meiosis, undertones, asides and understatements he personifies the ordinary that any married couple may undergo or a parent may have for her/his child. Thus, through his creation Nissim has given the reader that even in an pedestrian lies an idyllic expression.

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