How is the life of an indian tea or coffee plantation worker different or similar to the life of an indigo tea or coffee plantation worker?

The British introduced tea culture in India. Many tea plantations were explored by the Britishers.Similarly, the demand for indigo in Europe had inspired the British to expand indigo plantations in India.

Similarities in the life of an Indian tea or coffee plantation worker and indigo plantation worker:

1.Both were severely exploited and were under oppressed condition.

2.They were paid very low wages and there were no medical or housing facilities.

3.They could not enjoy any benefits or profit.

Difference in the life of an Indian tea or coffee plantation worker and indigo plantation worker

The only difference was that the tea or coffee plantation workers were under indentured labour system.According to this system, a contract was signed with the planters under which both local as well as outside labourers were employed.This contract converted the workers into slaves.The indigo plantation workers were not under this indentured labour system but they too have to sign a contract with the planters.

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