how is wrought iron different from steel???

Wrought iron is almost pure iron with around 0.02- 0.03% carbon whereas steel contains 0.15%-0.25% of carbon.Wrought iron is a ductile material and resistant to corrosion whereas steel has more strength due to the more percent of carbon in it.

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Wrought Iron is the purest form of iron...

While Steel is an alloy of iron

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  • While people sometimes use the terms “wrought iron” and “steel” interchangeable, wrought iron combines pure iron ore with a glassy material called iron silicate, while steel also contains carbon, according to


  • Both metals go through a firing process to give them strength. Wrought iron forms during charcoal firing or as a byproduct of cast iron production, according to the Real Wrought Iron Company. Steel forging adds and removes various compounds and oxides to create the final alloy.


  • Steel possesses greater tensile strength than wrought iron. Steel may show more vulnerability to corrosion than wrought iron, with the exception of stainless steel.

Telltale Differences

  • Wrought iron and mild steel may bear a close resemblance at first glance, but close inspection by an expert often reveals rougher workmanship and more corrosion in the steel product.


  • Cheaper, more lightweight materials such as aluminum and other alloys have largely replaced true wrought iron in many home applications, despite the greater durability of wrought iron.

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