How many altitudes can a triangle have? Will an altitude always lie in the interior of the triangle?


Can you think of a triangle in which two altitudes of the triangle are two of itssides?


Can the altitude and median be the same for a triangle?

a triangle can hav 3 in case of an obtuse angled triangle, the altitude will lie in the exterior of the triangle..............yes, in a right angled triangle, two altitudes r two of its sides................yes,in an equilateral triangle altitude and median r the same.............

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Thanks Urbi for the answer. Can u please answer this question also.

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there are 3 altitudes in triangle.   The triangle also be outside
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A triangle has three altitudes. It won't always lie inside the triangle(obtuse angled triangle).

In aright angled triangle two of it's sides are the altitudes.

Yes, the altitude and the median can be the same for a triangle(equilateral triangle).

Hope it helps.
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2)right angled triangle
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will an altitude alwaya lie in the interior of a triangle?

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