How many words can be made with the letters of the word MATHEMATICS..a)How many of them began with C b)how many of the M's are together?

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words that can be amde from mathematics are:-
8 letter word= attaches catamite chammies haematic hammiest hematics imamates mastiche mismatch misteach schemata schmatte semimatt stemmata tachisme tachiste thematic.

9 letter words= asthmatic catamites haematics masticate stemmatic thematics

7 letter words= achiest aitches astatic atheism atheist attache cammies catties cattish chamisa chamise chemism chemist chiasma etatism hamates hastate hematic imamate maihems matches matiest mismate satiate sematic semimat staithe statice tachism tachist tammies tatamis

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