How much paper of each shade is needed to make a kite given in the figure, in which ABCD is a square with diagonal 60 cm ?

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ABCD is a square with diagonal 60 cmSo Area of each part in ABCD=14×area of ABCD    because in square diagonlas divide in same partsArea of each part in ABCD=14×12×diagonal2=14×12×60×60=18004=450 cm2So Paper for Blue=450 cm2   , for Black=450 cm2  , for blue=450 cm2    AnswerAnd for orange1=450 cm2In ECF, It's a isosceles triangle with CE=CFSoPut perpendicular from C to EF which divides EF in same partsSo height=202-152=400-225=175=13.22 cmSo area of ECF=12×base×height=12×30×13.22=198.3 cm2So total paper for ornage=orange1+198.3=450+198.3=648.3 cm2     Answer

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The diagonals of sq. ABCD are equal in length
​so, area=1/2.60.60
          =1800 sq cm
or, base.height=1800
   side=30√2 cm
Area tri ABO= AOD= DOC= COB =1/2. 30cm.
ea of orange triangle=[s-a
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