how to construct a triangleABC in which AB =6cm AC =5.5cm and angle B =60degree. draw the circumcircle of triangle ABC

To construct the circumcircle of triangle ABC, follow the steps:
(1) Draw a ray BX. Cut a line segment AB = 6 cm from ray BX.
(2) Draw angle ABY = 60 degree at B.
(3) With A as centre, draw an arc of radius 5.5 cm. Let this arc interscet BY at C.
(4) Join A and C
(5) Now, draw the perpendicular bisector of any two sides, say AB and BC.
(6) Let them meet at O.
(7) With O as centre and radius OA, draw a circle.
This is the required circumcircle of triangle ABC.

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1)first draw ac=6 cm (2) from b construct an angle of 60 degree using compass where you need to first place the compass point on B with any radius draw semicircle then place compass on the point which is an intersection of line AC and semicircle again cut an arc without disturbing the compass ,then on intersection point draw and extend a line which will be 60 degree (3) on point A with radius =5.5cm cut an arc on the 60 degree line from the intersection point join AC THUS, ABC IS THE REQUIRED TRIANGLE

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sorry small correction ab =6cm n not ac =6cm

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