how to create more employment?

govt should provide employment opertunity in each and every corners and dovp steps to make our country better like forgine countries ..

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Following are the three ways to create more employment :

1. Increasing the no. Of literate population

2. Assurance of good working facilities

3. Urban employment programs similar to those of rural areas, to generate employment for all

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1. If the local banks gives credit at the rate of interest 2. If the govt invest some money in transportation and storage of crop
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1)Rapid industrialisation can create employment opportunities for a number of people in urban areas. 2)Tourism can be developed in cities providing massive number of jobs by opening hotels, restaurants for the tourists. 3)Setting up of new services like IT has also opened up new vistas for plenty of people and provided jobs..
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What are the features of MNREGA
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In simple words....Increase literacy rate.....invest more in sectors like tourism, IT, education and industry....Better working conditions.....provisions of additional allowance like medical etc....
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me too the same answer
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i support the 1st ans
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we can create more employment  :
by opening  factories in dustries
by  big companyies
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More employment can created by--: 1. Diversification of agriculture. 2. Giving cheap credit facility. 3. Provision of basic facilities like road,transport etc. 4. Promoting local industries. 5. Investing in education ,tourism and I.t sectors.
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Please find this answer

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When we require more employment it is must and necessary to maitain better employment conditions .There should be employment opportunities for everyone and employers should enjoy with the folowing principles (i)workers should be paid with reasonable wages(ii) There should be security for their job(iii) employees should get leaves snd holidays at the time of festivees (4) there should be assurance for their health (5)should minimize the timings of working hours etc.... I think the above suggestions help to. create more employment
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1.increase the primary sector so more job are made to people
3.government schemes and MGNREGA
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To make that workers provide a job
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In india only about 51 percent childrens are attending education institution. The rest are not they may be at home or many of them may be working as child labourers. If these children are to attend schoo, we will require more building, more teachers and other staff. NITI estimates that nearly 20 lakh job can be created in the education sector alone. Similarly, if we are to improve the heath situation, we need many more doctor, nurses, health workers etc.
These are some ways by which jobs would be created......
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1. Improve skills / human capital to make people more flexible in the workplace.
2.Provide stronger incentives to look for and accept work.
3. Increase the occupational and geographical mobility of labour.
4.Maintain a sufficiently high level of demand to create enough new jobs.
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Is it right

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1. Govt. can provide better irrigation facilities so that farmer will be able to engage in multiple cropping. 2. NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) of 2005 should be followed. It ensures 100 days of work in a year for poor people.
3. Govt. should start projects like construction of roads, schools in rural areas etc. , so that people get jobs.
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In simple way increase the number of workers and give them daily wages.Ask the beggars to work for an income and by this the daily labourers will increase in number and this would somehow very slowly but continuously increase the GDP of INDIA...
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How to create more employment.

Diversification of Agriculture : ...Cheap Credit : ...Provision of basic facilities : ...Promotion of local industries : ...Improvement in Education & Health : ...
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* government should take necessary steps to provide loans to farmers at cheaper rates and formal sources of credit ??????
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1. Promote and locate industries and services in semi rural areas where a large no. Of people be employed.
2. Promoting small scale industries,small manufacturing units,agro processing industries and providing loans for the same. The government can provide loan at cheap rates to the small farmers to improve their irrigational facilities. Thus more people can be employed in the same field.
3. If more dams are built and canal water is provided to all the small farmers then a lot of employment can be generated in the agricultural sector.
4. Investing more in tourism and employing more youth in this sector
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Chandan Kumar
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To establish industry in the villages and provide job to the people
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