how to find domain and range of functions can anyone explain me step wise,,,

help help

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A Simple way to do this is

firstly write the function in a roaster form, for example function A---B

f = {(x,y): x belongs to A and y belongs to B}

then take x as the domain of the function and y as the range of the function

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arrre ye tu muze bhi aata hai

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Aakash Singh

Assume f(x) = y

y = 2-3x

3x = 2-y

= x = (2-y)/3

Range of a function f(x) is the values of y which satisfy x. To find range of an equation given in terms of x, we assume f(x) = y and then write the equation in terms of y.

By solving the equation x = (2-y)/3, we get Range=All real numbers, or Range = (-,)

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am askin how to find range of f(x)=2-3x

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Domain of a function f(x) is the values of x which satisfy y. In the given equation y = 2-3x, we can say that Domain=All real numbers, or Domain = (-infinity, infinity)

*Range = (-infinity,infinity)

Hope this helps

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