How to find square root of 0.75 by long division method?

let us  find the square root by long division method:

first we will make the pair from left to right.

first pair is 75. let us choose the largest number whose square is less than 75

thus let us write 64. subtract it from 75, we get 11.

now write the next pair.

and continue.

square root of 0.75 is 0.866.

hope this helps you.


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1)draw 0.75 in number line. name it AB

2) add 1 to the number line. name it BC

3) construct mid point of the total number line ie 1.75/2= 0.875

4) draw semi circle on the number line.

5) construct perpendicular line through point B. which is = root of 0.75

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