how to identify a padbandh whether it is sangya padband, visheshan padband etc??.... i am not getin how to identify a plzz help me out

for sangya padpandh the underlined one will end up at the sangya word

sarvanam padpandh vl end at the sarvnam word

and viseshan vl also end at vishesan word 

 kriya padhband will simply be underlined at the last words .

kriyavishan will show the importants of the kriya  if u see the words like xor xor , tej tej or athva etc. then it comes under kriyavisheshan padpandh 


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Thank You Komal Singh for this advise and it has helped me very much in the exams.
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jis padbandh me sangya n ho vo sangya padbandh nahi hota
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??Jb padhband sangya ka kaam krte hai to unhen sangya padhbandh kehte hai ...

?? jb padhbandh sarvanam ka kaam krte hai to unhe sarvanam padhbandh kehte hai ..

??? jb padhbandh sarvanam ya sangya ki vesheshta batate hai unhe visheshan padbandh kehte hai ..


??? jb padbandh ho rakhi kriya ka bodh krate hai to unhe kriya padhbandh kehte hai ...

??? jb bandbandh ho rhi kriya ki visheshta batate hai unhe kriya visheshan padbandh kehte hai ...
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padbandh ko dhundhate hua appko sirf yeh karna hai ki rekhankit wakya ke ant me kya hai waha dekhiye kyonki yadi ant me sangya hai to waha sangya padbandh hota hai aur yadi ant me sarwanaam hai to waha sarwanam padbandh hota hai. yadi rekhankit pad me sangya nihit na ho aur rekhankit pad ke turant baad alagse likhi gayi ho to waha wisheshan padbandh hota hai.
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