how to make pie charts?

answer me fast...........

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pie charts are distributions of data. they are to show a clear proportion of a particular data.

lets see an example

the table below shows the choices  of students in a school 

we are said to make a pie chart

firstly we will find out the total of all the numbers


= 1000 students

then we will continue the process by working out the angle of every field

as we all know the complete angle is of 360 degrees

so the angle of each data will be said to be out of 360 degrees

angle= no of students in field/total no of students

400/1000*360 degrees= 144 degrees{out of 360 degrees}

next , 340/1000*360= 122.4 degrees

160/1000*360= 57.6 degrees

100/1000*360= 36 degrees

to check ur angles just add all the angles.{total expected to be 360 degrees}

and now proceed towards the pie chart

1.draw a circle and a radius inside it and take a protractor

2.put the protractor on the radius and draw a straight line towards the point where 144 degree angle lies 

that will be the Ist quarter {cricket}

3. then put the protractor on the new line and draw an angle of 122.4 degress

4.and then go on drawng these angles and ur pie chart is ready
















No of students








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