how to prevent dengue

Prevention methods of dengue fever:-

At present, there is no specific treatment. No vaccine is current available. The only method of controlling or preventing Dengue Fever is to combat the vector mosquitoes.

    • Vector control is implemented using environmental management and chemical methods. Proper solid waste disposal, elimination of stagnant water in domestic environment and improved water storage practices.
    • Aerosol and liquid spray has to be applied directly to the adult mosquito for effective killing, e.g. household pesticides.
    • Mosquito coil and electric mosquito mat/ liquid has to be placed near possible entrance, such as window, for mosquito.
    • Wear long-sleeved clothes and long trousers when going outdoors. Bodies could be protected from mosquito bite by applying insect repellent (containing DEET) on the clothes and exposed part of the body especially when you travel to Dengue Fever endemic areas.
    • Mosquito bednet could be used when the room is not air-conditioned.

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prevent urself from the mosquitos, wear full sleeved shirts during these days, as it's the changing season.

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wear full clothes and do not allow any mosquito to bite you only then you can be prevented from dengue 

if then also caught by dengue than concern a doc

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drink clean water,

spray anti mosquito medicine so that more mosquito will not come,

don't allow water to stand anywhere in ur house

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