How to solve Q24
Also how is f(0) = 1

How to solve Q24 Also how is f(0) = 1 Hence. at - ,qrt6) So /(x) — 51 not differentiablo at x 5 Q. 24ßunction f : R • R satisfies the equation + y) f f (Y) y e R, f(x) O. Suppose that the function is differentiable and f'(O) = 2, then prove that f' (x) = 2 f (x). SOL —'R satisfies the equation '(r y). fly). V & y e R O Let '(x)js differentiable O and t' (O) 2, (O. h) rt0) 2 n 11m h 2 'im ¯ sol. SOL lim h z 2t(x) lusngsq

Here is the solution. Hope it will remove all your doubts.

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The solution is correct f(0)!= 1 actually in the step where it seems it is written f(0)=1 there f(0) is being taken as common
As f(0).f(h)+f(0) = f(0) ( f(h) + 1 )
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