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How to solve Q5 CLASS General as those of question l. SECTION A l. A tsa square matrix of order 3 such that iadjAl tf A, B. C are three non-zero square of the AB AC F then find the on A. 3- Give an example of two non-z.ero 2 2 matric— ard B = *Sin r) + a is an increasing function. then 5. Find the value of at x —O. it being givm 6. Evaluate [xl where is the greatest integer function. Write the order and degree of the differential equation 8 9. 10. [fazi+j, b=i+kand A four digit number is forrned by using the digits 2. 3, S repetitions. Find the probability that the number is diviAibIe bys 'lite probability that an event occurs in one trial of an oi• dw•ular • u. 9M.n•.• that Evaluate — Evaluate 17. Evaluate ± cosx that points and - 4 remaining angles are the ! resp«tiveiy , find an amdition for 19. Evaluate

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We haveddxlogfex=1fex.ddxfexddxlogfex=1fex.f'ex.exHenceddxlogfex at x=0=1fe0.f'e0.e0=1f1.f'1Plug in the given values=14×2=12

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