How was the practice of untouchability first started in India?

There is no exact record about it's origin but many texts had discussed about it one among them is   found in the Rig Veda.In these texts it is mentioned that it developed between 1500-800 BC.It was called as Varna system. This system classified the society into four varnas as:
  • the Brahmins who were priests, scholars, teachers;
  • the Kshatriyas were that group who were rulers, warriors and also the  administrators;
  • the Vaishyas is that group who were cattle herders, agriculturists,  and the same were also artisans and merchants
  • the Shudras were that group who labourers and service providers.

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the practice of untouchability in india was started by brahmana people
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the practice of untouchability was started in india by brahmanas
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