How will you corelate the measures used in agriculture with acids and bases ?

Soil is the most important factor when it comes to agricultural acids and bases combination.
To maintain the pH of the soil, alkaline solution is added to acidic soil and acidic solution is added to alkaline soil.
The soil is the best known as food source for plants. The pH of the soil is to be maintained as per the requirements for the crop production.
The normal pH causes the soil to maintain the pH of water and nutrients  in order to germinate the seed properly and also to share healthy food to the shoot system and root system.
The pH value of the soil needs to be tested time to time, for the germination of the seed in a land. 
e.g., farmers sometimes sprinkle white lime powder in their fields, in order to to neutralize (since white lime is basic in nature) the acidity of the soil, probably due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides or due to acid rain.

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