how would you describe Subbu a troubleshooter or a sycophant

Dear Student, The answer is "Kothamangalam Subbu was the No. 2 at Gemini Studios. Though officially on the rolls of Story Department, he was always with the Boss and acted as a trouble shooter. He had the ability to look cheerful at all times. His sense of loyalty made him identify himself with his principal completely. He turned his entire creativity to his advantage. He was tailor-made for films. Film making was quite easy with Subbu around. He could suggest many alternatives to baffled producers. He could be inspired when commanded. He had a literary bent of mind too. He was a poet and had composed several original ‘story poems’. He had also written a novel. Sycophant is a person who uses flattery to get successful. But, Subbu's success in films overshadowed and dwarfed his literary achievements. He was an amazing actor also, but confined himself to playing supporting roles. He loved whosoever he met. He was charitable and improvident and played permanent host to dozens of persons. His success was envied by frustrated people like the ‘office-boy’. Hence, he was a trouble shooter and not a sycophant." Regards

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