How would you test the presence of starch in leaves ?

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noo we study this acivity in 6th and 7th class also......

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 log in to meritnation & see the 1 chapter's question 3

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we would test the presence of starch in leaves by perfoming the iodine test which is

after we add a drp of iodine solurion to the leaf ot has to show a blue-black colour then there is presence starch in the leaf if the test shows no colour the is no presence of starch. 

i guess  you would understand this

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Iodine is a substance that turns starch to blue-black colour. Put a drop of iodine on a leaf and the leaf will turn blue-black.

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we do this with the help of an iodine test.

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1 take some spirit in the test tube 

2 now put the leaf in it and heat it till the leaf looses its green colour (chlorophyll ) in the spirit 

3 now take out the leaf and pour some water on it and wash it 

4 now put 3 to 4 drops of iodine solution on it 

5 the colour changes blue black 

..... it indicates the presence of starch in leaf

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we can test the precence of starch in leaves by performing iodine test. to test the presence of starch in leaves take leaf from the plant which has been kept outside or exposed to sunlight. boil the leaf in water for 2-3 mins. to soften it and then place the leaf in a test tube containing alchol. now place the test tube in beaker contaning water and gently heat the beaker till the alchol dissolves in the chrollophyll and the leaf loses its green colour. wash the leaf with water and then spreed the leaf out in the white plate and add the few drops of iodine solution.the parts of leaf that turn black and blue shows the presence of the starch.  

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