I am unable to understand this paragraph.

I am unable to understand this paragraph. The 1/4 : 1/2 : 1/4 ratio ofTT: Tt: tt is mathematically condensab to the form of the binomial expression (ax +by)2, that has the gametfl bearing genes T or t in equal frequency of 1/2. The expression is expand/ as given below : (1/2T+ 1/2 = (1/2T+ 1/2t) X(1/2T+ 1/2t) = 1/4 TT+ 1/2Tt + 1/4t

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The above paragraph explains that the ratio  between TT : Tt: tt which is 1/4:1/2:1/4 is similar to the condensation of mathematical binomial expression (ax+by)2 , it has the gametes bearing genes T or t in  the equal frequency of 1/2.
Thus the expression when expanded gives:
(1/2T+1/2t)2 = 1/4TT + 1/2 Tt + 1/4 tt

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