I have 3 questions:-

1.  How to convert a decimal into a fraction?

2. How to convert a fraction into a decimal?

3.  How can we represent 1.67 on a number line?

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For the first two questions, your are requested to go through the next lesson:

Lesson 3: Inter-Conversion Of Decimals And Fractions


To represent 1.67 on a number line, divide the gap between 1 and 2 into 100 equal parts.

Then, the 67th part from the number marked as 1 represents 1.67.


Hope this helps.


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 1st [ans]-eg - 12.3 after decimal there are 1 number so this will be123/10        

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divide the gap as 100 equal parts between 1&2 and the 67th  part is 1.67

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I liked your questions

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