i have to do a poster on consumer awareness. plez could u give me ideas pictures,slogans related to it in detail.help me mam

Dear Student, 

The topic of your project is "Consumer rights". 

You can proceed in the following ways: 

1)Define who a consumer is. 

2)what are his rights? 

3)How does one exercise his rights?

 4)What re the constitutional provisions that allow the exercise of consumer rights 

5)Discuss all the rights and focus on one single right.

 6)Derive examples from daily life activities and try to illustrate on them 

7)Discuss any situation where consumer rights have solved a problem 

8)share the contact details and problem registration processes. 

9)for pictures, try google images. 

10)For slogans, you can refer to information on radio, television and create your own with some changes. 

11) Following are some websites that may be helpful. Suit yourself:

  •  www.nos.org/Secbuscour/25.pdf 
  • www.uasindia.org/
  •  www.cgsiindia.org/knowyourrights.html 
  • www.consumergrievance.com/

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