I have to submit a report on the difference between the life style and climate of the hilly and plain areas. (Activity 2 of FA4)

People living in hilly  areas face extreme cold during winters and they lead a very difficult life.Their living  style is totally different  from hose in plains.Dressing at these places include woollen and leather wears. During winters it is freezing temperature so they ave to cover themselves with warm clothes.Their houses are built in such a way that it could protect hem from extreme cold.

They always use hot water and  eat meat o keep heir body warm.  The farming is also of different type than other areas. Mostly there are apple farming and tea & coffee farming.

 In plain areas life is quite comfortable. The winters are pleasant. Bu summers and rainy seasons are unpleasant. During summers extreme heat prevails.People wear light  clothes to keep themselves cool.  Wheat, rice, pulses,, etc. are mainly grown here.

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