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First of all make it clear in your mind that what elementary transformations you can apply to find the inverse of matrix.

The elementary transformations that can be applied to a matrix are:

1. Interchange of any two rows or columns of a matrix

 It is denoted as Ri ↔ Rj or Ci ↔ Cj


2. Elements of any row or column multiplied by a non-zero number

 It can be denoted as RikRi of CikCi,where k is a non-zero constant.


3. Addition to the elements of any row or column; the corresponding elements of any other row 

or column multiplied by any non-zero number.

It is denoted as Ri → Ri + kRj or Ci → Ci + kCj.


Using these operations we can find the inverse of a given matrix. The steps of algorithm to find the inverse of given matrix are:



Step 1. Obtain the square matrix, say A

Step 2. Write A = In A

Step 3. Perform the sequence of elementary operations on A on the LHS and the pre-factor In on the RHS till we obtain the result In = BA

Step 4. Write A-1 = B


Here is an example to find the inverse of the given matrix, using the elementary row operations:

Find the inverse of the matrix.



Now, A = IA


After getting this concept,you are suggested to go through the study material again. This 

concept is explained nicely with the help of video in our study material.That will help you a lot.

Still if you face any problem, then do get back to us.


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