Multiple choice questions-

1. Seed drill is used for
a) sowing
b) harvesting
c) winnowing

2. Which of the following is a spice
a) tomato
b) black pepper
c) tea

3. Rabi crop is harvested in
a) January
b) October
c) March

Define these terms:
a) crop
b) ploughing
c) broadcasting
d) transplantation

Write the advantages of ploughing.

Dear Student,

Please find the solutions to your MCQs below:

1) a) sowing

Seed drill is a device that helps in sowing seeds in the crop field. This device first put the seeds in desired positions and then covers the seeds with soil. Seed drill is a type of sowing machine used by the farmers in large scale agriculture.

2) b) Black pepper
Tomato is used as vegetable while tea is a beverage.

3) c) March
Rabi crops are sown in winter from October to December. Harvested in summer from April to June. Some of the important rabi crops are wheat, barley, peas, gram and mustard.

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