I've a doubt.
If humans (earlier times) have been converted from Monkeys..
Then why Monkeys are left in the world?
They should be transferred to human.
Isn't it?

And do monkeys have the same brain as humans? They imitate us also.. and as monkeys are converted into humans then why Monkey don't have the same brain power as humans??

Please explain.

Dear Student,

Evolutionary concepts explain that the human and modern day apes have evolved from a single ancestor. It never says that all apes on earth have evolved into humans.

According to the evolutionists, several million years ago there were some types of creatures that ultimately evolved into human and modern apes.
Physical and genetic similarities show that the modern human species i.e. Homo sapiens has a very close relationship to another group of primate species, the apes. 

In other words, humans have not directly evolved from monkeys. Rather, both humans and modern day apes have evolved from a common ancestor due to which there are many similarities between them.


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