"I've done something ;oh, god! I've done something real at last", says dr andrew at the end of the story 'birth'. what 'something real' did he accomplish? do you think work is its own reward if done without any desire of material gain? discuss. ch birth

He successfully do this work so he just share his happiness with himself
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Dr. Andrew saved a nearly dead child from dying. This makes him feel that he has done something real at last. Moreover,he has saved a mother from dying during childbirth. He has proved why doctors are considered equivalent to gods.

In my opinion,work is it's own reward without any desire of material gain. In Gita , lord Krishna also says to just work hard and not to worry about the result. If a person is truly devoted to his work, reputation, success and satisfaction automatically follow. Material gains are temporary,but true and real work satisfies the soul.
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