I want answers of 2 question

Q1. Andy walks at a certain speed. With that speed , he covers a distance of 4 km. He then doubles his speed and covers another 16 km. The total time taken by him is 3 hours. What is Andy's speed?

          A. 1km/h                    B. 2 km/h                   C. 3 km/h                     D. 4 km/h

Q2. Darrel has a mixture of spirit and water in the ratio 4:5. He adds 4 L of a mixture having spinit and water in the ratio 4:5 to the original mixture. Finally, he adds 2 L of water to the resulting mixture. The final ratio of spirit and water was 3:5. What was the initial volume of water in the mixture?

        A. 6 L                          B. 8 L                         C. 10 L                         D. 12 L

Dear Student,

Hence Option (D) is correct.


Hence Option (A) is correct


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