i want area and perimerter of minor ,major segment,quaderent ,semi circle and sector

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If the radius of the circle = r and the chord is r, then,
the perimeter of the minor segment = r+(π/3)r = r[1+(π/3)].
The perimeter of the major segment = r[1+(5π/3)].

The formula to find the area of minor segment is r2(θπ/180 - sinθ)/2.
Area of major segment = area of triangle + 3/4 area of circle 
= 1/2 height × base + 3/4 πr² 
= 1/2 × r × r + 3/4πr² 
= r²/4( 2 + 3π)

Area of Segment = ( θ × π/360 − sin(θ)/) × r2 
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Area of a quadrant, A=  (π*r2)/4.
Perimeter of semicircle = πr+2r and area of semi circle = πr2/2.

The area of a sector of a circle is ½ r² ∅, where r is the radius and ∅ the angle in radians subtended by the arc at the centre of the circle.

Perimeter of the sector = L + 2r

L - length of sector

r - radius


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