i) what are the pollutants checked for in vehicles while conducting a pollution check ?

ii)what is the average no. of vehicles checked each month ?

iii)what is the time taken to check each vehicle?

iv)what are the permissible levels of emission of various gases?

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each gas emitted from pollution are:

nitrogen oxides-5%fine particulate matter 1%voc-2%carbon monoxide-0.3%sulphur dioxide-8%air toxics:acroleine-0.01%formaldehyde-3%coolants like ozone(o3)-3%
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10mins for petrol

15-20mins for diesel

400 vehicles checked per month

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what are the pollutants check for pollution
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10 8 mins
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Catalytic converter check the harmful gas carbon monoxide is released or not.
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1. the pollutants checked for are carbon dioxide , carbon monoxide and oxides of sulphur and nitrogen
2. nearly 6000
3. 2 mins
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pollutants checked for
the process of testing
permissible levels of emission of various gases
measures to be taken if emitted gases are above the permissible limits
how frequintely is a pollution check required
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